Collective mark is a mark used on goods, services of individuals, organizations are members of collective organizations recognized as owners of collective mark in order to distinguish from goods, services of individuals, organizations are non-member of those collective organizations, for example “DANATA and figure” is the collective mark of Association of Road Cargo Transport of Da Nang. However, to keep their own name as well as distinguish from other members, each member also use both collective mark and their own mark for goods, services put into market.

An owner of collective mark must be a group, therefore the collective mark was granted only for this group, and only individual, organization who is a member of this group use the collective mark for their goods, service. A collective mark represents for group, so it is strictly manage via Regulation on using collective mark, consequently that will promote its big role - to represent for strength of group in order to compete with goods, services provided by large-scale enterprises, organizations with abundant finance.

Protection of a collective mark is similar to that of ordinary mark, owners of collective mark also have rights to prohibit others from an illegal use of a collective mark, permit others (members) to use the collective mark for goods, services within the scope of protection of collective mark, request competent state agency to deal with an infringement of rights of collective mark or initiate a lawsuit at a competent court.