The duration of trademark protection, not absolutely infinite, is a certain time of 10 years counted from the filing date; despite the fact that all of the trademark owners have learnt it from the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam directly displayed on the Trademark Certificate. However, 10 years is not a long time for all the owners to remember to renew the validity because of a bunch of work day by day.

If a trademark certificate is not renewed by the owner and continued using after the time of 10 years mentioned above, the trademark would not be protected anymore (the trademark user is no longer the owner). At that time, the “trademark” will be only a normal sign tagged on products, services like other normal signs, in another word, be only decorated for products and services.

To solve this issue for the owners and these are also the expectation of them, Truong Luat ® has successfully established the trademark database system on our own, with the functions of checking the trademark certificate validity and reporting to the owners monthly in order to renew the validity of certificate promptly. Furthermore, the system also help owners check the trademark; compare between the name, address, sample of the trademark, products, services on the trademark certificate and those on the current business certificate, so that we can conduct the procedures of editing the trademark certificate exactly, as well as register for the additional products and services.