There will be not any inventions if there is not any act of inventors who create them, in other words, inventors are the fathers of inventions. Through the investment of intelligence, inventors generate many inventions capable of meeting the human needs, such as the needs of moving, the needs of entertainment, the needs of life… Nowadays, inventions contribute so much to the people’s development, present in most of fields of life, over everwhere in the world, therefore the recognition of contribution of inventors is truly neccesary to promote them to create more inventions for us.

Registering an invention is to file a patent application for invention with the competent authority which will examin whether or not the invention meet requirements according to the applicable legal provisions. Preparing the application is not completely easy because it requires the applicant must have acknowlege, specialization and pratice in the field of patents, so it is recommended that the applicant consult an intellectual property representative in drafting the application. After completing that, the application will be filed with the competent authority in order to make a decision of grant or no grant of a patent. Through the acquired patent, the owner has many the following benefits, in order words, these benefits is exactly the answer to the question “Why should I register an invention?”

Invention is a technical solution as a product or a process to a problem based on laws of natural, including that invention is a product as a structure such as machines, equipment, components, tools…; invention is a product as a substance such as materials, foods, pharmaceuticals …; invention is a process such as technology process, methods of diagnostic, forecast, examination, handling, production, manufacture,… Problems which inventions can solve are the benefit of the inventions bringing for human.