An industrial design will be registered in Vietnam if it satisfies the conditions for protection, one of them is innovation. Innovation means that pursuant to industrial designs have been disclosed publicly in the form of using or a written description or any others in domestic or abroad prior to the filing date or the priority date of an application for registration of industrial design in case the application is entitled the priority right, the industrial design can not be created easily for a person who has an average knowledge in the relative field.

Industrial design is appearance of a product, giving a visual beauty to attract the consumers when they choose the product, especially when the products’ qualities and features are almost similar. You can easily realize this when there are many smart phones with similar configuration and price on the market, and so at that time, the industrial design is the one of criteria for the consumers to choose the products.

Consumer tastes of the form of products (industrial designs) are different in each territory, nation, age, gender…, therefore, the manufacturer cannot use only one industrial design for one product, for example, a pink bag will attract girls, whereas boys will deny it despite low cost or convenience. In fact, the manufacturer always wants to sell as many products as possible, so the limitation of different consumer tastes of industrial designs should be addressed.