In daily life, whether like it or not, we also use at least one or a few works, perhaps when we are deeply listening to a good song (musical work) or admire a beautiful painting (art works) or see a great movie (cinematographic work) ... And as you may know, our demands are increasingly high for each work, requiring them to be much better, more beautiful and higher quality.

To meet the requirements mentioned above, the author of each work have to increasingly invest into mental activities, spend much time, even money on significant expenditure to possibly make the brainchild (works) extremely unique, new, strange and fascinating, otherwise all the effort invested in the works will be in vain because nobody listens to, no one watches and no one spread the word about the works.

In fact, if the author has created a good work and meet the needs of the majority of people enjoying that work will be hard to get rid of copying bluffly, leads to these revenues will not be sufficient to offset the cost spent, and if things continue like that, at a certain time the author will not be able or will be hard to be motivated to invest into creating next brainchildren. Therefore, the law on intellectual property has made provisions to protect the rights of authors, one of which is prescribed author is exclusively perform or allow others to conduct the extraction and use work but must pay royalties, remunerations and other material benefits.