Copyrights are incurred after the works are created and expressed in a certain material form, thus registering the copyright (hereinafter referred to as licensed) is not a mandatory legal requirement, but it is very necessary and extremely important. In practice, proving copyright belongs to whom is extremely difficult, especially in this rapidly developing era of information technology nowadays, and piracy is becoming more popular than ever.

Profile for registering a copyright if submitted through ® Law School will include: power of attorney , drafted by the School of Law to authors and owners of works signed and stamped ( if); Registration for Declaration copyright (Law School representative will prepare , sign and stamp the forms prescribed ; works by the author , the owners works provided ; Documents proving the status of the author , the owners of works (usually certified true copy of the identity card of the author, the business license of the owner of copyright) and other documents depending on the specific cases.

Once the registration dossier has been prepared as above, the Copyright Bureau will consider granting Copyright Registration Certificates which can present information about the author, owner and works, effective throughout the territory of Vietnam. Copyright Registration Certificates is valuable in resolving disputes, namely copyright owner is not obliged to prove its copyright belongs, except where evidence to prove the contrary.