An art work is presented by lines, colors, three-dimensional figures or layouts, such as works of fine-arts, graphic arts, sculpture, installation arts and similar forms of presentation, which are available in unique copies. Particularly, a work of graphic art may be presented in as many as 50 copies which are ordinally numbered and bear the author’s signature. Because of unique copies, the authors concentrate all their efforts and creativity to create and shape an art work; therefore, in general, a plastic art work will have a tremendous value in term of asset comparing with other kinds of works.

One of the most popular kinds of works protected by copyright not only in Vietnam but also over the world is applied art. So what is an applied art? It is the work displayed by lines, colors, shapes, textures with useful features associated with useful things, mass produced by hands or machine, such as: logos, handicraft goods, forms of products, product packaging.

We cannot deny the great role of computer software (computer programs) in the development of the world today. Computer software is present almost everywhere , from rural area to urban area , from home to workplace , from working to serve the entertainment needs to handling jobs requiring high accuracy ... So what is computer software that has tremendous impact and so widespread, has been the protection of intellectual property law or does not?